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Friday, September 3, 2010

Nightwing rendering test

I was messing around with newish rendering styles and did this up. Not sure if I like it or not:/ Feedback, good or bad is appreciated:)




Oezden said...

Hmm, i like the character very much, but the new rendering style makes your art a little bit too diffrent.
Maybe it looks in needs of getting used.
The new one looks like it´s from another Artist.
At your normal style, everyone can see at the first sight oh its from Brett.

I like your older renderings more.
Over the years you found your own
style, everyone can see at the first sight oh its from Brett.

Oezden :)

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me. I guess it depends a lot on who inks it, but this style fits well with the current DC Batman stable of artists.


Oezden said...

Steve you are write it fits well with the currrent DC artists and when it must be inked. But Brett´s Art don´t get to be inked, his art works much better without it, cause as long as Andrew is by his Side for the colorings his art didn´t need to be inked. Every inker have his on style and at the end most of his inked Art left much to be desired. Without it it looks much better.


Brett said...

As I said, just a test. Trying to do pencils that don't have X's there. You really need and inker to pull that off on a large scale.

It's the same base art, just a slightly different look. I'm now having to compete a bit so the more simplistic look sans inker isn't going to fly.

Batman huh, try again Steve;)



Ezequiel said...

Looks good. I think it retains your style, but being slightly different.
You should try to paint these with the PS, and see what results.
I think this style fits well for sketchy or black & white final drawings, but I'm not sure if the result will be good after painted...

Bets wishes

PS: waiting the carnosaur with this style

Brett said...

Excellent idea Ezequiel! I'll give it a try this weekend, see what I get.



Derek Ruiz said...


Amit said...

Compared to you older style this has a lot more value to it,it improves the 3 dimensionality of the designs.The half tones really make it standout.Awesome!

M.O.R said...

Hey Brett, is this a sign that you are at least thinking about drawing more Superheroes?

I like this, the grittiness, te mood and rendering suits the character.
Its strong. If I was to make a change, I would include the grapple line, as he seems to be flying, and he costume, . Maybe have him holding the line in his left hand.

I saw the coloured version above, and its really strong and the tones suit the character.

What I like about your artwork, Brett, is that is makes people like me want to pick up a pencil and start drawing.

I mean, I can draw, but I am not at your level, or any other top artist in the business.

Caine said...

With the exception of the Utility Belt I really dig it!