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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Red Pyramid... sketches.

Most of you know I'm a big Percy Jackson fan, so when the author of that series did a new series called The Red Pyramid I was all over it! It has lots of action/adventure and mythology! I don't really care that they are young adult, like the Harry Potter books these are fun for everyone. So while I was workless I drew up some sketches that I forgot to post!




Anonymous said...

Looks good Brett, mythological stuff is always cool. I'm a big history nerd so I always enjoy little anecdotes and so on.

I think that using a myth or legend builds a bit of character when you incorpirate it into art. Or doing the vice verse of creating a myth or legend around a character.

I haven't been acqauinted with Percy Jackson more than the movie (Sorry to say I didn't take to it too much, I loved the concept and idea of it all and I do not doubt that the book is better since I found the movie a bit lacking. But as I said I think the book would fill my "need for more"). But I do like the Harry Potter books.

Good work as always Brett, it's nice to see you share your sketches and such with us.

- The Artist

Anonymous said...



Brett said...

The Artist,

The movie was bad. The books are WAAAYYY better:)

Thanks guys!


M.O.R said...

Hollywood made a really bad film from a really good book? Stop the presses! ;)

Keith Giffen once said it all too well, when he was writing that short-lived column for Wizardworld, that it says alot about hollywood, that with all their millions of dollars, team of designers and builders, special effects, and directors, they still have been unable to harness the same level of imagination and adventure that a tiny team of individuals manage to do in comics, every month, albeit without the script plotholes.

Sorry ranting.

Love the sketches Brett, alot of thought went into them I can see. Moreso than the film.