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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Robot is Coming...


M.O.R said...

Ooooh...Shiny! :)

Really sweet. Can we see some more sketches of the character. These are cool.

The inking finishes it perfectly.

(It is inked right? Not just a heavy pencil like a 2B or a 4B?)

Oezden said...

Yeah it looks really cool.
I like it. :)

I think it´s a darkened pencil and not inked, so it looks perfect.


Anonymous said...

I'll hide my drugs.


Brett said...

Those are indeed REALLY dark pencils. It's for a logo design so I wanted the lines to be real obvious. I really do need to do a finished whole body of him. Maybe later tonight.



Derek Ruiz said...

Yup it's something for me...I wanna see that full body design.

Derek Ruiz said...

Hey put up the sketch of BR you did...but only that one.