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Monday, September 13, 2010

Me at the con!

One of the guys at the Urban Myth table asked me if they could do a sketch... I thought they said for me but it turns out it was OF me. Looks good and I'm grumpy!

Thanks Joey!



MuffinHunter said...

Even though I know it's not really your thing, I gotta say, I'm digging the heck out of the Green Lantern stuff. It's basically the only DC (non-Vertigo) book I read, and I really like your takes on the characters, especially Larfleeze (Orange Lantern).

M.O.R said...

"You wanna go see a dead body?" :)

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

What are all those lines on your forehead? It looks like someone splashed you with holy water. :)


Brett said...


That's my normal face now, someone smacked me on the back a few years ago;)

MuffinHunter, you'll be pleased to know my next project then, more when I can tell you!


I know I put on some weight but I didn't think I was that heavy;)


Why do you think I'm so fricken grumpy! Damn kids!



Ben Jones said...

yeah i tried to get a sketch from Brett and he tells me come back tomorrow on sunday. Guess who didn't show up on sunday? Don't think im asking Brett for anymore sketches lol, though still a fan.