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Monday, September 6, 2010

Red Robin...YUM!

Tim Drake, the funny Robin, his spanking 'new' outfit!




Anonymous said...

Never underestimate a guy who dares to show his legs.

The Artist

eriklane said...

hey Brett, new to the forum but love the work for years. I like the "newish" rendering!

Arbastage said...

Curious Brett to all the recent DC characters you been drawing dont get me wrong they prob a lot of fun to draw vs. Marvel, but does this mean there might be a shot at you getting back into the superhero game? btw I really miss the anthros, but then everything must take its course

Derek Ruiz said...

All I can say is me, Steve and Andrew can all tease you other guys with the words..

"We know something you only think you know" lol.

When you gonna post up the FLASH you did?

Some of this DC stuff is Brett being part of conversations me and Andrew have been having about things we want to see him draw.

Derek Ruiz said...

I used my ghetto talk with this sentence

"When you gonna post up the FLASH you did?"

Jess said...

Screw that DC crap. Brett should draw Marshal Law.

Brett said...

Flash goes up tomorrow... If I remember;)

I'm leaning toward Bucky O'Hare myself;)

Jess said...

The Flash is stupid. Marshal Law is way cooler. He has barbed wire and a very scary hat.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Jonah Hex

Someone make it happen!


DamonO said...

Well, he drew Jonah Hex for ME!:-)