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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Larfreeze Christmas Special

Colors by Andrew Dalhouse

Go here for all the details! Please note this is NOT from the book, just me and Andrew having a bit of fun:)

EDIT: OK, I was informed today that this IS now from the book:)

Merry X-mas,



Anonymous said...

I like this image better than the actual cover, but I'm biased. I would love to see you expand on this and put a devastated North Pole behind the flying pig monster thing (Lafreeze?) Little broken and burned elf bodies, reindeer roasting over spits, etc.

I have no idea who or what this is about but everything looks great. Andrew is really kicking butt on the colors.


Brett said...

LOL! I do like the cover, lots of stuff to look at and Rockettes! I'm not sure what the story is yet so I can't say where it's going. But I should start it next week.

Andrew was made for the GL characters;)