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Monday, August 29, 2011

And there was another Wonder Girl design!

Sorry about the no feet. I bought some sketch paper that just was horrible, so I had to draw a bit bigger and then the feet got shopped off. It's just a design so no biggie.




heffison said...

Cornell apparently has a Horsewoman character without feet in "Demon Knights." I wonder if she initially came about for the same reason....

Do I really need a smiley after that?

Brett said...

LOL! Nope!

Fatboy73 said...

Absolutely LOVE that design! No feet though...Are you sure Rob didn't draw that? ;)

Brett said...


That's the first one I did. Riffing on an older version of hers.



S said...

THis one look a little too much like WW for cassies own good, much prefer several of the other wondergirl designs. But this still looks pretty aesthetically.

GamerGuy said...

I'd love a post on how costume designs get done and approved; Do you get told 'design 5 Kid Flash outfits and we'll pick one', or is it 'The Kid Flash design must sport at least these elements: the color blue, a belt, no wings'. How much give and take is there, and how much 'power' does the artist have to suggest things, or say 'we'll see how it goes and we'll tweak it or abandon it in x number of issues'.

steve said...

Brett can not draw archers or feet. I'm going to blog this everywhere.


M.O.R said...

Pepsi and Coca Cola are the same thing people.

Pizza's come in square boxes because of the illuminati.

And like Steven said, archers and Brett don't mix.

It's time to get all the conspiracies out in the open now, before the Freemason's have us killed. ;)