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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

N.O.W.H.E.R.E. In Teen Titans 1!

Page 8 of issue 1, the first appearance of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in Teen Titans. That is of course Red Robin in panel 1. I thought it might be cool to show you the process a page goes through from pencils to colors. While showing off the new baddies. 

These are an elite group of agents who take orders from that guy in the center. He's spooky;)

I numbered the agents... so I knew who was doing what. I get confused easily. Here's Norm's inks, fixing all mistakes and filling in al the X's. That means that area should be black.

And the finished colored page from Andrew sans lettering. So who is the faced... facefull... that guy in the middle? Like a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know... until we need to boost the sales, then you're not going to believe who he is... I mean DAMN!!! It's like CRAZY KOOL!... I mean OOOoooOOOo Spooky yes?

More next week.... I might have to sign up for the Twitter to post it though... So maybe not;P

Let the crazy reading into my posts begin!




Fatboy73 said...

Well,it look a LOT like Shade with out the top hat and cane so I'm going to guess it's not that obvious and say it's NOT him :D

Fatboy73 said...

Have to say I'm a fan of Andrews softer more organic style as well.I really do get tired of everything looking like it's been dipped in baby oil ;)

Brett said...


That would be a very wise choice;) But maybe a slightly older balding brother...

Yeah, shinny doesn't always look good.



steve said...

Wow. This is looking so good. Norm and Andrew are making your work shine!


(my word verification was pressit, press it) thought it was funny

heffison said...

At first I thought you said "a slightly older Baldwin brother." Jeez, it is time for the glasses, isn't it?

Well, it's pretty clear by now that the nU Teen Titans book at least will look great.

David said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. This book is going to be so damn good. And the art is beautiful. I cannot wait. Tim looks like a BADASS (even though Bart's my fave).

LeoTMNT said...

This is some great work here, on all accounts. I have to agree with what David said, Drake looks like he's ready to enforce law.

Brett said...


Yeah Norm and Andrew are really going all out on this!


Thanks! I might be needing some new glasses myself:)


I posted the kid Flash page for you:)


Tim has a nice 2 page spread in issue 2 all to himself and the bad guy in the bottom image:) Tim is just cool:)



Batman X said...

When I saw that cover for TT#1, I knew I was done collecting my Teen Titans books. But then the real #1 cover was revealed, and I told myself to give you a chance. Then the two page preview came out. It looked absolutely amazing. But I still wasn't sold. Now, after seeing this, I must say, you sir, are a truly amazing artist. With you drawing and Lobdell writing, guess what book I'll be getting in September?

Kaden said...

Damn...I can't wait to get my hands on the first issue! I haven't been this excited about the Teen Titans in a looooooooong time. Love the costume designs and LOVE your work. This is going to be so wicked...

Brett said...

Batman X,

Thank you, and we're happy to have won you over, now lets just hope we can keep you happy:)


Thanks! I've been having lots of fun working on this book, it's the most excited I've been about TT as well!



M.O.R said...

Well done. That's all I can say that has not been said.

It just feels, artiscally like a group effort, so much so that I am amazed.
Everyone, yourself included, is going all out to make it work.

rogg said...

As usual your art is brilliant. And Tim looks badass as ever. But there are rumors about him being asexual in the reboot. Is that true?

Brett said...

Thanks M.O.R.

Yeah, I think we've finally hit our stride as a team:)


WHAT?!? LOL! OK that's a new one. No Tim is not asexual. And thanks!

I'm tempted to ask were you heard that but kudos for actually asking about it!



rogg said...

Ah, it was some rumor circulating around Tumblr. That, and that Superboy would be bisexual. Now that you denied it, things seem more easier to comprehend.

Here's the link.

Robert said...

Hey Brett, there's something that's been itching in my mind about Red Robin in the Teen Titans.

Tim Drake's always used a staff as his main weapon; to the point where it's become an iconic part of the character. I haven't seen any preview art of Tim using or holding his retractable bo-staff in the small pieces of preview art. Can you say whether or not Tim still uses it as his weapon of choice post DCnU?

Brett said...

Hi Robert,

RIght now we're trying to set the wings up as a weapon. But I'm sure we'll break out the bo staff at some point:)