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Friday, August 26, 2011

Colored Bugg and Bart's homemade costume design

Colored version of that page I posted a bit ago!

Bart's Kid Flash outfit mark 1.




Rogue said...

Bugg looks wicked cool. Can't wait to read more about her!!! Bart looks good too!

David said...


I can't wait for Bug either! And Wall! And that other girl! They all look so cool and interesting. This is going to be a GREAT Titans team.

I love how homemade that costume of Bart's is. So funny. The question now arises, Brett - Scott Lobdell mentioned there won't be a Titans Tower because they're trying to stay under the radar. So where Does Bart get his new costume? Does Tim help provide it?

Brett said...

Thanks Rouge!


Tim might have a little something to do with Barts new outfit... but there will be one last in between one;) Tim still has his 'Bat' ties so I'm sure he'll have a little extra cash to spring for some new duds:)



Lee said...

I love the idea of Bart starting out with a home made costume. Is this his first outing as a super-hero, or did he still spend time as Impulse?

Brett said...

Hi Lee,

As far as I know there has been no Impulse faze for Bart. I think he's have a better costume then;) But this will be his big TV debut as a superhero.:)