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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teen Titans 3 cover

Just about to start on the issue 4 cover. Needed a few days off to recharge. So in less than a year at DC I've had to draw trains twice so far. In 18 years in the biz these are the only trains I've ever had to draw.

Strange the way things work out:)




Frank Campisano IV said...

What's the new character's name?

Derek Ruiz said...

Don't know if this is still Valid but at SDCC Scott said “He’s Miguel, from Mexico, and can control a 3 foot by 3 foot force field. He can manifest it however he wants, and he’s called “Wall.”"

steve said...

Love it!

And in answer to your previous question, I do have the Godzilla flick you are talking about, I have all of them.

You should check out Godzilla Final Wars. Arthur Adams and I have argued about which is the best of the new flicks, I put my money on Final Wars, it is absolutely crazy b-movie fun.


Brett said...


I can't say yet. But Derek has his real name right:)


I figured you did but I wanted to make sure. Final Wars was boring, and cheap. G,M and Ghidora was fricken cool as hell. It had me yelling out loud. I need to see the first one again, and then this one again..



RonnieThunderbolts said...

Brett, thanks so much for sharing all these with us, once again. It is extremely cool of you.

I was wondering if you might have a chance to take a look at a picture I drew of Tim in his new costume

I wanted to know if you would let me know how accurate I got it.

The costumes look better and better each time I see more of them, and I'm looking forward to seeing more about Miguel/Wall in the upcoming issues.

Thanks again,

Brett said...


Looks great! Every artist adds or subtracts things but you are pretty close to spot on!