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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wonder Woman... with pants!

Another quicky, I gave her the boots and the pants... I'm not actually sure why I kept the boots on her when I decided to go with the pants...  Tired? Me?




S said...

ooooooooooo, looks creepy, kinda fit into the new "horror" theme of wonder woman

Kaden said...

Thanks for posting this! You draw a great DCnU Diana! Do you know if she will pop over to the Teen Titans book? I would love to see her interact with them...especially if you are drawing it!

September?...where are you??!! :)

Brett said...


It will be interesting to see hoe horror they go with WW, I'd love a crack at drawing her at some point so I'll be reading her book so I know what's going on!


Thanks! I'd LOVE to do a JL crossover or just have them in the book. I've mentioned it to Scott and Bobbie so you never know!

Its just a few more weeks!



StevenW said...

Great piece! I hope we see some interaction/relationship between Cassie and Diana in the future.