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Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Sunday, we are so fucked!

So the presidential race is heating up... at least it's got me a-boilin'! Now I don't want to tell people who to vote for, because frankly both parties are in the crapper right now. We need money and the right wants to keep cutting taxes on the rich. And the left is so completely limp they can't get anything done. Obama isn't a democrate he's a middle of the road Republican with no backbone. But this is a Sunday Blasphemy post so on to religion!

Right now the right wing, has several dominionists running for president, what the hell is a dominionist you ask? Why these are the ultra right wing nut jobs who want to force their specific brand of crazy down your throat by making their version of Christianity law, from wiki:

-The goal is either a nation governed by Christians, or a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law-

I'm not talking about the the minor forcing that's being thrust upon us now, I'm talking about a convert or die kind of force. A force that's so behind the times that most people will write it off without really thinking. But remember, Perry has been elected to governor of Texas 3 times... They do have their backers and if everyone else is arguing about the other guys the ultra religious might have enough voters to get one of them elected.

A few more loving sentiments:

1. Dominionists celebrate Christian nationalism, in that they believe that the United States once was, and should once again be, a Christian nation. In this way, they deny the Enlightenment roots of American democracy.
2. Dominionists promote religious supremacy, insofar as they generally do not respect the equality of other religions, or even other versions of Christianity.
3. Dominionists endorse theocratic visions, insofar as they believe that the Ten Commandments, or "biblical law," should be the foundation of American law, and that the U.S. Constitution should be seen as a vehicle for implementing Biblical principles.[21]

Once again the US was never a Christian Nation, sure some religious type moved here, but that doesn't mean the nation founded in 1776 was founded by Christians, it was founded by people who were pissed off at England. Most might have been Christians but they didn't fight England to be Christians, they fought because of tea and taxes;)

And I can't see religion as supreme to anything... morals being one of them. Forcing yourself on others is called rape. Forcing your religion on others might not be physical but it is mentally damaging. This is also the easiest way to start a civil war because this would do it for me. Sure everyone who didn't get on board could leave, BUT that would give the religious fanatices complete control over out Nuclear Weapons.... they'll get their revelations one way or another leaving them in charge of something like that is just delaying the inevitable. 

Now instead of dicking around fighting all time it would be nice if the government actually, you know, did it's job. Compromise is what gets things done, not standoffs... Idiots. That's all I can stomach this week, oh there is that 'miracle' that happened were a Country Pop group didn't go on stage because they were praying so they didn't die when the stage collapsed... while 5 other people did. Praise Jesus! Ugh!




M.O.R said...

Sunday Blasphemy?

More like Sunday Sense/ Sunday Reason/ Sunday logic etc.

And your title is correct, although I would has to add 'This Sunday, we are so PROPER fucked!'

And those dominionists, they want every other belief system negated so their own can thrive. Yet ignoring/ denouncing another's beliefs, whether different or total oppossite to one's own is a detriment to society, nay, humanity. As long as one's views do not endorse violence, then let them be.

What really annoys me about these people is that they want to ban anything they feel is offensive, insofar as it is offensive to THEM. Fine if it offends others, just as long as it does not affect them. Photograph of a crucifixe in a jar of urine? Offensive, ban it (even if the picture was taken by a Christian, which it was). Similar photo of a statue of Mohammed in a jar of urine (taken by a Muslim, for example. This photo does not exist, the above does) exhibit it, no matter, as long as it does not offend us CHRISTIANS. And really, if one were to actually look at the definition of a Christian, or people who do acts that are considered 'Christian' than I would hasten to say that there are far more atheist Christians than so-called Christians.

Just so frustrating when people seem to believe that everyone must accept their dogma, no matter whose lives it ruins.
I would imagine that under their decree, Homosexuals/ Bisexuals/ transgendered people must undergo mass extermination.

Fatboy73 said...

The really bad part is Perry and Bachmann are sooooo bat shit crazy,they make Palin look relatively sane by comparison. Hell,Ron Paul is a viable candidate compared to those two.
What I find really amusing and dripping with irony is that the westborro baptist church are deciding to forgo picketing funerals and picket Perry's prayer rally.And Matt Dillahunty of "The Atheist Experience" fame is going to be right next to them picketing as well.
I think that's going to create some sort reality destroying paradox so our worries are probably over with anyway ;)

bloggooding said...

Personally I am hoping we are seeing last minute hemorrhaging by the religious right. The reason you see an increasing fear for science on their part is due to the fact it is becoming harder and harder to justify their fairy tail world. They can't believe in a space program if they don't believe in space. lol

TheORKINMan said...

The thing about the founding fathers is they were such a diverse group of individuals. Because of this their collective "beliefs" can be twisted by virtually anyone from either side wishing to do so because they can cherrypick sentiments from founders. There is without a doubt, very devout pro-Christian founding fathers who viewed this as a Christian nation. There were also many Deists in the group such as Jefferson and Franklin who MIGHT in the modern era have become flat out Atheists (but it's something we'll never know, in all of their writings they ultimately indicated they believed in God) However there's no question that one of the principles the fathers founded the United States on was religious tolerance. This is because between states there were wide variations in Christianity that were practiced that at the time might as well have been the difference between Christianity and Islam today.

As a Christian and as someone who USUALLY votes Republican (I voted a very split ticket last election because the Reps keep sounding more and more crazy) I cannot tell you how disappointed I have become in the fields the Republicans have been putting out the past few elections. There are some really, truly, STUPID people in the Republican field right now who are considered viable candidates.

Brett said...


Thanks! Yeah the "it's OK if I agree with you, but it must be banned if I don't" are truly annoying.

I'm not 100% sure, but the 'gays' would undergo that religious treatment to 'turn' them straight. You know the thing that the phycologists think is actually harmful. OR they would be tossed in jail. They might eventually kill them like Iran but that might take a few years of sermons to get everyone whipped up into a frenzy. Then it'll be everyone else who doesn't agree with them:/ If you're lucky they might just deport you.


Yeah, he's had his prayer rallies, we're still in drought (should continue through next year) so that didn't work. Budget's still fucked up so that one didn't work either.... You know if they DID work he might have had a better chance... now instead of actually dealing with this mess he's running away! So like Palin!!

"I think that's going to create some sort reality destroying paradox so our worries are probably over with anyway ;)"

LOL!!!!!! I already miss McCain. I believe Ron Paul also doesn't believe in Evolution... That's sort of my test for officials.

If Swartzenagger Could run I might actually vote for him.

J. Eliot Mason,

One can only hope! With so many of them running maybe they'll have problems getting the nomination. I am actually frightened for the US right now. I think the downgrade might actually be a good thing if Obama plays it right (I'm sure he won't but I need to hope he'll be able to fend off the crazies there isn't anyone else!)


I agree, and I will never try to force you to stop believing. That's why this Christian Nation crap is soooo much BS. We are clearly a secular nation. It's obvious. Now lets move on and get shit fixed!

I lost all hope when the republicans in Texas sold us dog breeders out to the animal rights wackos. I would vote for a republican if they actually did what they said will do. Smaller government I'm all for.

I wish there was a third party with at least some feasible options.....:(



steve said...

The founding fathers definitely had religious freedom high on their priority list. As we’ve discussed before they were a mix of Christians and deists, it would be absurd to deny the fact our nation was founded on mainly conservative Christian morality.

That being said, since the patriarchal reign in Israel there hasn’t been a true nation which was based off of Judeo-Christian values. Remember part of Israel’s downfall was rather than having a Theocracy they craved a king to lead them like their neighboring nations.

Also Jesus made it clear he was not setting up a man made kingdom based off of traditional concepts; remember part of the difficulty with Jesus’ ministry was the Jews were expecting a Messiah who would establish an Earthly kingdom, not establish a new way to be made right with God apart from tradition and nationality.

So no America is not a Christian nation, but it is rooted in conservative Christian morality.

Christians tend to favor Republican style moral legislation on matters like justice, abortion, marriage, education etc. They also tend to favor Democratic legislation on issues like the poor, tax reform, and immigration. Christians will always vote in a way which reflects God’s values which the two parties with their tendency to be polarized around extremes will never fully reflect.

I think we can all agree the current selection of candidates on both sides leave much to be desired.


M.O.R said...

Don't look at me, I voted for Kang.


But I agree, there are so many duplicitous folk in politics, globally, not just in America. And as a non America, I also find it terrifying that someone like Bachmann and co could take the presidency from Obama. Yes, Barack ain't perfect, but he's a darn sight better than the competition.

Brett said...


Eh... If that were the case then the laws would be more biblical. I'm not saying there are not some roots in Christianity, but others are pulled from different religions and societies from around the world.

If only this were true:

" They also tend to favor Democratic legislation on issues like the poor, tax reform, and immigration. Christians will always vote in a way which reflects God’s values which the two parties with their tendency to be polarized around extremes will never fully reflect."

This might have been true in the past but not anymore. If the Christian Right took the money they waste on turning soldiers into warriors for god, anti abortion rallies, anti sex education, and getting creationism into schools they could easily feed all the poor in the US. Christians need to understand that their morals are not the morals of others.


Kang looked a bit twitchy. I went for Kodos;)

I still can't believe the choices this time. I mean half I've never heard of and the other half are nuts.

That's it! I'm moving to Sparta!



TheORKINMan said...

Well there are clearly Christian roots to the Declaration of Independence especially. Namely the idea that man has certain rights which are derived from a higher power then kings and governments and thus kings and governments have no right to infringe upon those rights. If there is a Christian or religious root to our government that would be 99% of that root.

We should all understand the founders within context too. At the time the FEDERAL government was to be secular state because individual states would be permitted to have their own state religions. So the founders themselves probably just viewed religion as something that would be handled on a more local level and not by the national government. The 14th amendment which was not created by the founders changed that and applied religious neutrality to the states also.

Robert said...

Unfortunately we don't live in a Democracy. We don't even live in a Democratic Republic. We live in a Plutocracy.

If you don't know the term, look it up and take the time to learn it.

No one gets elected in this country without money; either their own or someone else's supporting them. As such, more and more, the policies that shape the nation are those that favor the wealthy over everyone else.

Tax loopholes and haves for corporations do not benefit the country.

Cutting social services with the claim that we cannot afford them while staunchly defending tax breaks for people who do not need them does not benefit the country.

Allowing the outsourcing of our jobs overseas to the point where we do not manufacture anything to sell and are even losing our service jobs does not benefit the country.

Insisting on reliance on limited and foreign fuel sources when there are patents and technology available for alternatives does not benefit the country.

The problem is that those of privilege do not hold allegiance to this country or any country. They hold allegiance only to themselves and the Blind God of wealth.

Religion for these people is nothing more than a tool, or a weapon. They wrap themselves in it like they wrap themselves in the flag to deceive and manipulate the people who DO believe.

steve said...

TheORKINMan not to disagree with you, but when I say our Country was founded on Christian principles I didn't mean thinks like Christian beliefs, but Christian morality.

Since Constantine up until the Age of Enlightenment (of course with ebbs and flows) the predominant world view for European countries was shaped by Christian ethics for government, society, family, and interpersonal relationships.

Even if someone did not express allegiance to Christ you could expect their foundational principles governing their lives to be similar to church folk. Sort of a cultural morality.

For instance even if you didn't believe in God, you still would probably culturally conform to a pretty conservative world view.

Mattvoid said...

Honestly one of the biggest influences on the founding fathers and specifically the Constitution was "The Great Law of Peace" made by the Iroquois Indians. I mean it even started with the line "We, the people, to form a union, to establish peace, equity, and order..." and this was started centuries before our constitution. Here's a link but I doubt people will start giving credit that this is an Iroquois based nation based on Iroquois based morality.