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Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Fanboy Madness!

So I just want to say thanks to Bleeding Cool for blowing this out of proportion, and then thanks to Henry Saenz email: for the kind words. It's always nice to hear from intellectuals. 



I of course emailed him back to thank Henry for his thoughtful note! And then I heard back again!

We do need a name for these people of love, I don't want to make the actual comic fans annoyed. Any ideas? Trolls are mentioned in the comments... since they tend to infest a bit maybe some kind of pubic lice?


steve said...

Brett how do you move so many people to such extravagant measures of love?

You make it look effortless.



ps: I think you should draw a new blog masthead, a picture of a troll being devoured by a demon dog.

S said...

LOL. seeking for attention or just got nothing better to do?

Fatboy73 said...

I think you should draw a new blog masthead, a picture of a troll being devoured by a demon dog.

Brilliant Idea Steve,I second the motion!

Brett said...

LOL! Actually a great idea... but I've been trying to think of a new name to call them Comic Trolls might work, but I'm not sure it has the right bite (pun INTENDED!)

But He did email me back! And yep that IS his email. I'll update the post in a few... I'm hoping I did the screen shot right.



Derek Ruiz said...


Fatboy73 said...

I formally submit the new catch phrase "Comic-Kaze" Definition:A socially suicidal individual who visits comic book based websites as to bombard them with unsubstantiated
negative views in order to do a perceived damage upon certain individuals for no apparent reason other than pure spite.

Now I just have to get it trademarked ;)

Brett said...


I love it... but I do worry it might upset some.

I'll post and see!



M.O.R said...

So sad to see people who will not provide constructive criticism, but rather just diss your artwork for kicks.

Soinstead of politely saying 'I enclose photographic reference to see what I am critiquing. I can supply more images for future reference, if you like' prefers to say 'that sucks, I'm a professional, and it looks terrible. We still cool, brah?'

But you closed that topic, rightfully, so I won't keep going on about it.

I had to reread the original email, as I thought he dissed Chuck Dixon, not Austen.
I was gonna complain if he had.

TheORKINMan said...

It's absolutely bizarre behavior and it occurs when you have any profession that has groupies. There is a segment of them who allegedly like the medium but who hate everything anyone does with it. Masochism is the only word I know of to describe it.

Brett said...


It's the more the point that he emailed me a 'critique' that I never asked for or wanted. He also emailed me a month and a half AFTER the image came out and after he'd already bitched about it online on the DC boards. The images was posted to this blog, WITH the comments opened. That's were he should have posted it.

It's says Austen in my email. IS there some strange glitch?


This is an excellent view of modern tribalism. Their 'leader' was dishonored so they feel the need to attack the one who dishonored him. The classic Us vs. Them!

It seems to be cooling off some, except for the ijit on the DC boards who keeps posting it. Thanks Comic-Kaze earth-two-man!

Funny, ALL the art that's been posted the last few weeks and NONE of it makes it to the TT DC boards but this 'drama' has 2 postings. I weep for the human race!



M.O.R said...

No glitch. Just when I read the email first, I thought he was dissing Chuck Dixon, but I reread it and saw it said Austen. I like Dixon. So I was gonna defend him, until I reread it.

But it said Austen, after I reread it, and I'm not a fan of him. Not enough to diss him on this board, btw. Because it is irrelevant.