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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wally West Flash!

PLEASE NOTE (and I do this in bold!) THIS IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT PART OF THE DC NEW 52!!!

Today I'm taking off to sort of recharge. But my mind is racing with excitement over DC's new 52. So since Wally is my all time favorite DC or Marvel character I thought I'd re imagine him for the DC new.

I won't get into details but I was going for a sort of 18-20 year old Wally between Bart and Barry, a college Wally. I have a few ideas if and when he pops up in the new DC universe, I'd love to get a chance to draw that book! It's funny, I've read some nasty posts that I don't get the love fans have for Wally and Donna, I do. I was with Wally when he first took over for Barry, through Chunk and Speed Demon and the Porcupine Man. If I had to pick one book to work on it would be his. BUT I'm still able to joke about it some, dreams do come true but there is always a down side. Don't take things so seriously, you'll live longer and be happier!

Long live Wally West!



Rogue said...

This is wicked cool!!!! Any chance for a colored version?

Brett said...

Hi Rogue,

Thanks! I don't have time to color it up, but Andrew might at some point. If he does I'll post it straight away!



The Kryptonknight said...

I love it and your art style lends itself to the vibrating energy known as The Speed Force. I look forward to your pitch on Wally West, but I have to ask about your thoughts on Linda & his kids...

Cryostar1177 said...

Dood, you got me all kinds of excited then i read the first line. Sigh. I miss wally. :D

Looks keen though.

Lee said...

That's a cool costume! I prefer it to Wally's current version. What colour scheme do you have in mind?

Brett said...

The Kryptonknight,

Thanks! As for Linda and the twins I don't really know. Everything sort of depends on everything else. Like what happens within the Flash book or if the do a JSA book is there a Flash before Barry, is Wally even possible if Barry isn't with Iris? One thing would sort of depend on another but since this would most likely put Wally as a college student (or at least that age range) I'm guessing he'd be single with no kids. Might be interesting to have Linda as a Journalism student...

The reality is, that when characters settle down they sometimes loose the interest of the readers. Wally really went through a huge change during his Flash series. So what to leave in and take out would really be up in the air.


Sorry I had to reel you in and then crush your hopes, it just feels right;)

I did a quick WW so James Robinson might have a better trip yesterday so I thought I'd sketch out an idea I had the day before. Wally might be easier than Donna to bring into the DC new... think she's had like 3 origins so far!


Thanks! I was going for a bit of Jay in there as well.

Color wise I was thinking red silver and black, Wally had a costume like that for a bit, but I might even go as far as blue, silver and black to make him different. Maybe blue/black red and yellow to match jay might work as well...

Sometimes a color idea just doen't work quite right:)



Lee said...

Red, silver and black is a good idea, since the others already have red and yellow. And hey, it worked the first time around! Did you check out the Flash Retroactive 1990s issue? They did a new variation with that colour scheme, but it wasn't nearly as cool as the Walter West costume, or your design.

The Flash team have said that Barry is single, but that he and Iris used to date, so it stands to reason that Barry and Wally will have met. If Flash's origin was 5 years ago, like Superman and the Justice League, then Wally being 18-20 now sounds about right. Wally did have his 20th birthday in Flash #1, so it wouldn't even be rewinding the clock by much.

M.O.R said...

Man, this was one Zenned out post.

Thanks for posting the artwork. Looks really cool.

I get the love for Wally, I really do. I like Wally as Flash, and Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern because when I returned to comic books at about 15/16, years after ditching them, the comic books I started reading included JLA by Grant Morrison, and later Mark Waid. And the Flash and Green Lantern I grew to like were Wally West and Kyle Rayner. That's just my own comic likes.

Brian said...

What about maybe just the Kid Flash color scheme, more or less? Yellow on top, red on bottom, red lighting bolt? Maybe gold instead of yellow, to make it pop a bit more?

I like that we now have heard the artist on Teen Titans, as well as the entire creative team on The Flash itself, say they prefer Wally.

Brett said...


It will be interesting to see what they do now with JSA and an Earth 2. You don't actually need Barry to make a Flash.


I can zen.... sometimes, but mostly my mind is just a juble of ideas;)


I think that has more to do with age, since Wally was the flash we grew up reading. I got into comics at 13 so I just missed Barry's run.

I'm not sure if they siad they prefer Wally, I know they wanted to use him but can't. I prefer Wally but Barry is pretty cool, just not a cool as Wally to me. Barry did have an awesome death!



The Kryptonknight said...

Hey Brett- I got two things on my mind:

1) Barry/ Wally
I grew up with Barry, but loved the "graduation" of Wally into the role as The Flash (moving at the speed of sound is still fast, ya know?). I do think that the idea of Wally just not existing in the DCnU is bad, but maybe there are plans for him & Donna. I'm curious as to their plans- but shudder to think that The Teen Titans (all incarnations) didn't happen (Cyborg gets a new origin???) and that means Wally gets screwed... not cool!

2) New JSA/ Earth 2.
Wanna see a new version of Earth 2, where maybe they're just going through there WW2 now in the 21st Century & this JSA is fighting them with updated tech/ weaponry. It'd admittedly would be a crazy, but cool idea. A retro world that has older cars/ buildings/ clothes/ with our generation's tech. For sure something different, know what I mean?

Brett said...


1. I dont think they wont exist, I think they will just not be used while the new U gets on it's feet. Once it's up and running (no pun intended) I'm sure they will show up again! I know I'll keep asking to use them:) I'm sure Wally and Donna will also get new origins if and when they show up. I'm not sure who was on the original TT in the DCnew, but there was another group before these 'new' ones. We can't spill all the beans because then why would anyone buy it?

2. I don't know anything about Earth 2 other than what was mentioned yesterday at the show. James didn't mention it to me the last we spoke. But maybe they will be tied to a WW3? I'm looking forward to see who's in it and what the costumes look like!



Brian said...

That's part of why I'm confused, though, Brett. DC has said the first primary demo for this is male's 18-34. Which would be the exact audience most likely to prefer Wally to Barry, right?

And I'm not even asking for Wally instead of Barry, just as well as. I just want my favorite comic character to be published. Francis and Brian Booch have both at one point or another online said that Wally is their favorite Flash. And I get it, this all way above the pay grade of any of you three guys. I just can't wrap my head around it. DC is basically telling me from all angles "we don't want your money."

Brett said...

Hi Brian,

I knew I missed some comments yesterday!

You are right, I don't really have an answer. It has been decided that Barry is the Flash right now. I've heard a few other things but it's secondhand so I don't really know what the plans are.

Maybe the higher ups just prefer Barry? It might have something to do with the supposed Flash movie.

I'll keep asking to get Wally, it's my dream book but it might be a bit before they 'release' him to the wilds of the DCnew!



Brian said...

When they do, Brett, I'll be back. Until then, best of luck for DC. (And I do mean that sincerely. Not a sarcastic "good luck" but a real statement. I hope the reboot does well, I hope DC succeeds... They just are going to have to do it without me for the time being.)

Bruno said...

Love it!

As a longtime fan, may I offer some opinions? Red/Black/Silver or Red/Black/Gold would be the best choices, IMHO, and I favor the latter (The silver MAY pass off an image of "Flash lite" and you know, Wally fans are so burnt right now that any and everything will generate "hate" from the interwebs.

And I know this is just a sketch, but I think the logo needs some rethinking (mainly because it looks a lot like Captain Marvel :P ). I dunno, the lightning "falling" from the shoulder or any sort of elipse (or maybe just an stylized stroke?) behind it could help, just stray ideas.

I LOVE the "nuDC" pants and the fact that you went with the shinny look. And I really appreciate you talkng to people trough this space (didn`t know about your blog until a few days ago, but will be sure to visit often from now on)

Keep up the good work. And keep pitching Wally, please! :P

Brett said...

Hi Bruno,

We might wind up trying a few different things. Andrew has told me he'd color up a more finished picture so I'll try and see if I can get one done next week:)

I wasn't going for Captain Marvel but I was paying tribute to and older character:) I did have another idea or 2 it's just a rough idea right now:)

I liked the shinny look, reminds me of liquid and flowing with the speed force. That's why Barts got it in TT:)



Martin Gray said...

That's one terrific Wally, Brett. I love the way you show his speed, what could be more apt than the impression of mercury?

All the best with the newest Teen Titans.