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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Teen Titans 100 pinup pencils

Pencils for that pinup I did.




Fatboy73 said...

Does this mean I can post the colors?

David said...

Dear Brett,

Can you draw for every comic ever please? Forever?


Mark said...

Great pinup. It was worth the wait. It's moments like this that get me excited about your Teen Titans book. Every other pinup in the book had them standing around posing. You actually have them having fun, having a water balloon fight. That's exactly how I imagine them, but only you depict them as such. September 28 can't come fast enough.

I especially liked that everyone is horsing around with water, but Damian has a knife and is actually throwing Robin stars at Tim. What a little psycho.

steve said...


BluePrint said...

This is awesome SO can't wait to get Teen Titans

Unknown said...

I saw this in the book and I automatically guessed that this was yours before I new for sure. It's my all time favorite depiction of them. So cool. I loved how Bart was showing up the twins lol.

Brett said...

Yes Fatboy is does!


LOL! I'm sure the people one the Bleeding Cool boards heads would explode! Plus I'd have to not eat and I kind of like eating:)


I'm glad you noticed the blades;) I love the animosity between Tim and Damian, makes for great fun! I had a blast drawing this. It reminds me of the old X-men baseball games.

Thanks Steve and BluePrint!

I'm honored Skywalker26:)

THanks everyone, made my day!



tony said...

Is SB blocking the water with his TTK?,or is it just how you wanted it to look?