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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teen Titans 1 page 3 Kid Flash!

This is Bart's homemade outfit for the first 3 or 4 issues. 




David said...

YES! YES! YES! BART IS THE BEST! But doesn't he have brown hair? Anyway, I LOVE the art. I love the older look, and he looks slim. Does that mask have fringe from where he cut it up himself? Can't wait to read this book!

S said...

Wow...... can't wait for the TTs book, and i think hes always a red head

steve said...


Everything you post just ups the ante on what to expect from the new DCnU.

The coloring here is terrific.

Now if you can sneak in some dinos and dogs (and maybe a couple anthros) it will be the ultimate Brett Booth super hero book.


Brett said...

LOL! Thanks David! Bart has auburn hair. It's reddish brown, so in a firey enviroment it wil appear more red and in a night like setting more brown:)

Yep, he cut that mask up himself.


Only 5 weeks to go!


We're going all out for these books!

Andrew is really trying to make things pop!

Dinos and anthros maybe.... in a bit. Dogs... I'm not sure about.



Matt D said...

Does Bart still have the GIANT clown feet?

Brett said...

Matt D,

No just regular feet. I dislike large feet:)



Matt D said...

Ha. Now we know what Flashpoint really changed. Clown feet.

Seriously, though, I think you've done a good job capturing the sort of costume that someone Bart's age and of his mindset might make (and be able to make) for himself. It definitely looks homemade.

Anonymous said...

Nice use of the old school Kid-Flash logo!

I really miss that one, so it's good to see it again, even if it's just temporary!

impulsive44 said...

Love this page! Bart looks great, I think the homemade uniform is pretty darn adorable. Also, I like his hair.

Haters gonna hate.

Your art is fantastic, fuck the people who bitch at you for colors.

M.O.R said...

Hey Brett,

You could have really messed with people by adding pouches and 80's elbow pads and saying that this was the real Bart uniform. ;)

(Maybe that is just something I would do, since I am cruel).

Really cool stuff here.

S said...

Hi Brett, I'd just like to know where will Titans Tower (If there is one) be in, LA or NY or somewhere else.

Brett said...

Matt D,

I pissed someone off by telling them I didn't like the big feet on Bart. It's not because I didn't like the art, it's because I really don't like the look of most feet. So bigger is grosser to me;)

The point was to make it look like he made the costume in a few minutes from stuff he found in the garage. I'm glad it worked!


Thanks, people are very specific. I made sure Andrew knew to make the hair reddish brown as opposed to red or brown. Funny t hing is Wally had brown hair for awhile while he was Kid Flash.

My favorite thing is the '90's hate. It's OK to be influenced by an 80's artist but a 90's no way! The fact is I was interested in a few artist in the 80's Art Adams and Mark Silvestri, Jim came along in the late 80's but the styles are similar enough to mesh well. I just got hired in the 90's;)

Another funny thing, while thye might hate the 90's look I like it and some of the art they have been promoting looks dated (70's 80's) to me and rather ho hum. Its all a matter of personal taste that they just don't seem to get.


I could have, Scott actually mentioned he wanted to keep that uniform, but I'm so busy this week I didn't think of it!


No Titans Tower in the new book. THey will be based in New York at first. The idea of having a tower that everyone can see while hiding from these new shadowy bad guys didn't make sense.



Mark said...

Aw yeah, I saw this page in that DC New 52 and I've been waiting for you to post it so I could see the costume bigger. So thanks man.

Also thanks because I have a Bart Allen themed sketchbook that I have for conventions, and you've already given me 2 more variations (homemade costume and reboot costume) to add to the list of what people can draw.

I actually got a quick sketch of reboot costume Kid Flash from Art Baltazar at Chicago, and it looks good. Can't wait to see the real thing in print though!

Keep up the good work!

Fatboy73 said...

What actually ticks me off more than bitching about the art(like they say,people are just going to bitch)
is the idiots who are bitching because they think there's no flow to the panels and they aren't easy to follow.SERIOUSLY? come on people,I've been reading comics for about 25 years and these panels couldn't be any easier to follow if they had actual arrows telling you where to go next...Morons...grumble...

Brett said...


I kept forgetting to post it!

There might be a third as well. An fill in outfit before the final new one. I'm trying to nail down some things with Scott first, but he should have something else on in issue 4.

I'll post a sketch of the homemade outfit in a few days:)


Yeah I would have to question their ability to read since it;s the same principal, but they can write...

As long as the page follows a 'Z' pattern it should be easy to read. And lord have mercy if you have to actually look for something on the page. I've seen more than a few (and I have a feeling the person in question likes those books) comics were the artist page flow takes a bit to get used to but for the most part the 'Z' pattern works for all of it. Left to right, up to down.

Oh well, at least they aren't reading into my very simplistic posts!



Mark said...


illustratorx said...

Alert lying in the Gutters

Brett said, "Dinos and anthros maybe.... in a bit. Dogs... I'm not sure about."

You heard it here first Anthros and Dinos are more common than dogs in the new DCnU! ;)