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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Backlash Version 3?

With all the talk about the lose of WildStorm (I still remember trying to come up with the name for it. We did try for First Light as we were always up so fricken late;)) and the talk of possibly rebooting the characters or at the very least plopping them into DC proper. I thought a bit about Backlash and what I'd like to see done with him. I had an idea about that a few years ago so I sort of cheated, but here's a first idea sketch I did up yesterday. Please remember this means NOTHING. I have not talked to anyone at DC about this, it's just wishful thinking.

Anywho, I think it might be a tad complicated, I have a slightly more simplified sketch on the drawing board that I might get to today, but I wanted to do a Kevin picture as well so we'll see.




M.O.R said...

You seem to be going for a younger version of the character, or a possible reboot.

Maybe it is just me, but this seems like a younger version of the character. Just seems to have a slimmer build, and a younger, slimmer physique.

I might be wrong.

Brett said...

You are correct! I don't want too say too much in case they actually decide to go this way in the future.



Caine said...

I'd buy anything Backlash has a major role in. On one condition: it's Marc Slaytong who's Backlash.

Adam said...

Oooh..I like.The whip looks for lack of a better term, which I like. Now you have me woundering if you have a new interpretation of Taboo..damn I miss good characters.

Anonymous said...

Looks cool, but would be a major pain in the butt costume to draw consistently, not to mention what would happen if another artist other than Brett tried to draw it.

I would love to see Backlash go simpler more streamlined, like what two or three fundamental elements are necessary for his costume to be instantaneously recognizable as Backlash.


Brett said...


Since this is more a thought experiment than anything else, I can't say yes or no either way. If they do decide to keep Jodi as BL, I only hope they put her in a more modest outfit. She was supposed to take over for Marc at some point:)


That's what I was going for! Nothing new on Taboo yet, but I have been thinking about her.


It's complicated for a reason, but as I said it might be too complicated. this one would have the white straps and eye thingy. I think if it was colored it would be more obvious.



Nessie Knows said...

I have always loved Backlash since his time in Stormwatch to his solo books and WildCore. I was saddened by the news but if you have hope then maybe one day Slayton can return.

Anonymous said...

Always did fancy the BL costume you had Jodie wearing in BL#25 instead of the fan service spandex she's wearing now in Wildcats.

Anonymous said...

same here cannot wait and Hopes DC gives you a chance at a reboot of Backlash still my favorite character to this day

David said...

Very nice. I wish I could get some of your original artwork.