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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Wonder Girl Design

This one almost made it through... until it got Vetoed;) Oh and the other lasso with the pokie things on it isn't barbed wire, it's thorny vines.




Kaden said...

I love seeing design sketches! Thanks for sharing. I must say...I like this one. Very interesting. I also like the shorter hair on Cassie. Although, I like the costume that was chosen in the end...very different than what has come before. I like the hood, too(even though many have complained). I think it gives a "young" feel to Cassie and the costume. I like the red "thorny" lasso, too...will that be explained? I hope so because it is a very intersting visual, IMO. Can't wait to get my hands on your first issue of TT!!!

kneelbeforezod said...

This is much better than the WG design we are going to see and just screams Wonder Girl! Brett, why was this vetoed?


Brett said...


The hood in this one was more a long scarf.

Eventually things will be explained:) WG's still tied to the Greek mythology.


Scott wanted to go more to an extreme. Less good girl and more warrior.



bloggooding said...

Even though I can understand Scott's reasoning, I prefer this design. it seems more noble and relatable.

heffison said...

Hood, there an in-story reason why Cassie wants to cover her head, or is it for artistic purposes?

Brett said...

J.Eliot Mason,

Scott wants to shake things up a bit. Neither of us was a fan of the t -shirt and blue jeans she was wearing. This outfit would have been fine for her current status:)


It was just an idea. Sometimes hoods can hide emotions and appearance or modify what you've already got. So artistic purposes:)