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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Robin..... YUM!

Ok Ronnie here ya go! My first sketch of Tim, with the wings back. They don't look exactly like that in the comic but similar. I pulled stuff from the TT cartoon as well, like his computer glove and the leg squares (actually C-4.)

A REALLY basic first idea about the wings from the back.

And here he is with the classic cape with notches cut out. My favorite, but I was out voted. The new wings are growing on me, but don't tell Scott!!!




RonnieThunderbolts said...

That is so cool. Thanks so much for sharing that with us Brett, I really appreciate it!

Brian said...

Thanks for showing us these drawings, Brett! I've wanted to see a picture of Red Robin with the wings back for awhile now. Can't wait to see it in the comic :)

The idea to bring the computer glove from the cartoon is brilliant. It fits Tim really well.

I have one question that hope you can answer about Tim in TT. Does he still use a bo staff in combat? Please tell me he does xD;

RonnieThunderbolts said...

The cover to issue 3 also has a great image of Tim in his new costume. I think it is the most complete/detailed image of a lot of his costume yet.

Brett, do the differences in the harness detail on the cover to the third issue accurately represent the costume?

Now that I've seen the wings/cape a bit more, I really like this costume. You've done a good job of blending Tim's Red Robin look with the TV Young Justice look and unique stuff as well.

All in all, I think it fits the character very well, and the loss of the full cowl is something I've seen fans go on and on about over the last couple years, so that has to be a crowd-pleaser.

Brett said...

You are more than welcome Ronnie:)

Brian, I haven't drawn him with it yet, Scott hasn't mentioned it in the scripts. I think he's trying to push the wings as Sheild/Weapon/Transport combo. But I'll see what I can do in issue 4.

Ronnie, where did you see the cover to 3? I can't find it.

After the 3 cover I have actually removed the 2 straps that go across his belly, they were there for a reason that has since changed. Other than that that's the costume I've been drawing:)



RonnieThunderbolts said...

The cover to issue 3 is exclusive to until DC releases it on The Source Blog later today along with other Superman and Justice/Young Justice solicits.

Thanks for the tidbit about the removal of the bottom two straps and the quick answer! If those straps are gone now, are there no longer any clasps on the lower portion of the bandoleer/chest straps, and if so, do the capsules extend across the lower portion now?

You've been doing a great job, I'm liking the design more and more anyway, but I think losing the bottom straps makes it sound even better.

Also, the cover to issue 3 has a better look than we've gotten so far of the third, male, new member of the team. He has an interesting look, I'm curious to learn more about this character, being a completely blank slate and all.

RonnieThunderbolts said...

Here is a link to the cover at CBR

Brett said...

Thanks for the link Ronnie!

Yeah, on the original layout Tim was actually connecting with his head, but Scott was afraid it might make the Purple One look weak so it was tweaked a bit.

I will say the Purple One will please some and piss off others! He is fun to draw!



Fatboy73 said...

Have to admit I'm a little slow and totally didn't get the Red Robin....Yum! joke at first.
So for a minute I was seriously trying to figure out why you thought Red Robin (the character)was Yummy :O
And then my my brain clicked on and went OOHHHH...Right. :D

LeoTMNT said...

Wow, that's awesome!! The cowl looks really good here, though either way works.

hehey said...
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