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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I was sent this by Derek Ruiz yesterday:

Swipe File: Ultimate X Vs Frankenstein

By Art Adams

So whatcha think? I have previously posted this image twice, once when it was solicited a few months ago and before that, when I drew the pencils. You can see that here. I believe that says July 2009 on the post;)

Just a note, Art Adams is the base style of my art. His was the art that got me into comics. If I would have 'swiped' it would have been an homage, with an after Art Adams somewhere on the image. Why am I slightly annoyed by this? Because I HATE swiping. It's the whole reason I left DA and to be accused is just really offensive to me. You can hate my work, I don't really care, but to be accused of stealing just gets my panties in a twist.

Also, this was interesting: Dinosaur Tracking.

I did email IDW about Jurassic Park, I was told it "was all booked up." So no plans to work on JP.

Also, 4 pages of Kevin of the Ape Men art over on Art Evolved. Down at the bottom.




Anonymous said...

We must have seen this and posted about the same time. I kind of lost my temper with Rich for this silly nonsense.

The swipe file used to be reserved for tracings or showing which film clips Greg Land used for reference. I believe every pose has by now been drawn at least 20x in comics. You search long enough and you will find two images which are similar.


Anonymous said...

I talked to IDW, the editor, and the artist. I sent them samples of Brett's work and I let them know you were very interested in doing artwork for the series.

The response was sort of "Brett who? We only want artists who are known for drawing dinosaurs."

This Smithsonian article is kind of nice because it shows a lot of people associate Brett Booth with fantastic dinosaurs.

(I'm also a little more partial to the treatment and storyline we came up with for JP which Universal also seemed to dig.)


M.O.R said...

Someone on that article came to your defence in the posts, by saying that your drawing was shown first on your blog, while Art Adams Ultimate X cover was drawn around the same time, yet did not get an early promo shot like yours did here on your blog, and your old Deviant site. The article implies yours came after Art's, by positioning your work after his, which is quite distasteful, as they have already found you guilty.

Personally, and I mean no offence to anyone, nor do I claim that either of you swiped. There are well known swipers in the business, both past and present, and to include both of you alongside them would be insulting.
Nor do I consider this a homage.
(Personally both images remind me of the cover art for the Prototype computer game. Again, I am not saying its a swipe, just reminds me of it.)

But seriously, the loner standing there, with his mind in pensive thought goes all the way back to classic art, and classic cinema. Its a strong, poignant image, because it works. Hell, Burton used it for the closing scene of the first Batman film.

So no swiping, just similar creative thought process. Neither you or Art swiped

Take care.

M.O.R said...

Hey Brett,

I know you had a pretty awful experience with DeviantArt, and Bob Almond, inker extraordinaire, posted an interesting article on I've included the link below. An inker, who actually had managed to get permission to ink pencillers work, and posting side by side comparisons, has had all of his work taken down, and was given this responce by DA, that artwork "may not contain material or images which were not created entirely through your own effort". Now since we know that certain people on DA copied your work and passed it off as theirs, this would seem very hypocritical. Glad I never set up an account with them.

Brett said...

I checked my email, I sent it to Les and Derek at DB on the 20th in the AM so I drew it on the 19th or so.


I actually drew something similar in Frank 1! But I SERIOUSLY doubt Art Adams saw that, no one did;)

I was tempted to send that Dinosaur Tracking post to IDW but I think they won't like that;)

I agree M.O.R. it is a strange coincidence they were done so close to each other but it is a pretty standard comic shot:) I'm going to have to see if I can pick up an issue at the con this weekend.

I'll have to read that link when I have some time!



Anonymous said...

Both in profile (though opposite). Both hooded. Both grumpy looking.
Aside from that, how are they "swiped"? Does no one else recognize that Art does not exist in a Vacuum? There are only so many positions a human body can take, only so many facial expressions, and Everybody wears hoodies.
Just because there are slight similarities between some things, that right away means one of them is "swiped"? I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, because I know it does, but REALLY, Art in all it's forms does not exist in a vacuous void.

Michael E. Pritchard said...

Brett Booth doesn't swipe. Brett Booth gets swiped! Just as Deviant (F) Art.
Not swiped because, legs are different. One has a sweatshirt on the other you can see his body. Uh the hair is different, and the amount of the lower body shown.
Oh and again, Brett Booth doesn't swipe artwork.